Стиль вождения водителей система "EcoDrive" в Молдове

The style of driving “EcoDrive” in Moldova

Currently, the main aspect of operation of transport is not only profit that brings the vehicle, but also the costs that are spent for its maintenance. The two most important of them is: fuel consumption and repair. Thanks to the newest systems of GPS monitoring of vehicles, control over fuel consumption by the various options:

  • — mileage and engine hours at bus stops in summer or winter;
  • — parameters from the CAN bus of the car and the reader CAN bus – CAN-Log-a, with which is possible remote control settings operating a vehicle with an onboard computer. Among the obtained data is there and fuel consumption, and fuel level in the tank, and the engine speed, and coolant temperature, and load on the axis, etc.;
  • — the fuel level sensor installed in fuel tank and determines the fuel consumption, fueling and draining fuel from the tank;
  • — flow sensor fuel installed in the fuel line sizing fuel consumption by the engine.

As for repairs and spare parts, that this cost depends on the condition of the vehicle (year, holding current and capital repairs) and style, quality, driving behavior of the driver and careful attitude to the vehicle.

This thanks to the engineers and developer in the GPS controllers have the support of the technology and fuel-efficient driving style driving EcoDRIVE. This advanced system allows the owner (the Manager) to objectively assess the driving style of the driver of hired and how his style of driving affects fuel consumption, the chassis of the vehicle and the engine.

How this feature works?

When the controlled vehicle is in the way, EcoDrive collects information about the actions of the driver on driving and their effectiveness. Terminals for satellite monitoring of transport is equipped with a digital accelerometer that senses sudden acceleration, braking, harsh turns and strikes on bumps. For the correct operation of this function, the terminal determines its orientation in space relative to the vehicle (the direction of movement of the vehicle and the direction to the ground).

Thanks to the integrated digital accelerometer, the device determines the stroke and the slope. This functionality allows you to set critical values of strike and incline, which can be signs of vehicle accident, blow to driving on uneven roads or other emergency situations. All data is transmitted to the storage server, and then in the mapper for later viewing and analysis on a computer, tablet or phone. When installing the flow sensor or the fuel level You will be able to carefully analyze fuel consumption for each trip in different driving modes (acceleration and deceleration), depending on the quality of the road surface.

We should not forget also that the function EcoDrive is the next stage of development of systems of monitoring of vehicles, allowing vehicle owners to obtain more information about the driving style, the attitude of the driver to the vehicle and as a result reduce additional costs.


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