Accounting standards

Satellite monitoring system with high precision control all of the movable object and the engine running at idle. On the basis of these data calculates the standard estimated fuel consumption.

Usually this option is used to facilitate accounting of the costs of production, as well as on those enterprises, which do not require strict control over fuel consumption.

CAN bus

The deposition with the standard fuel sensors via the CAN bus allows you to more accurately monitor the fuel level. This method is a good alternative to flow sensors and fuel level sensors in the case where the possibility of their installation on the vehicle missing. For warranty car is contactless connection to CAN bus.

The fuel level sensor

Setting level sensor (FLS) is the most advanced and technological ways of controlling fuel consumption. Readings taken from the DUT, most fully reflect the situation with the fuel consumption and allow maximum accuracy to determine the unauthorized filling and draining fuel. On vehicles equipped with two fuel tanks, you may need to install FLS on each tank for more precise control of fuel level.


The flow sensor of fuel consumption (FLS) is introduced into the fuel system and record the volume of fuel consumed. Diesel vehicles are equipped with either two flow sensors or one differential sensor for more accurate readings taking into account the return from the engine to the fuel tank. Mainly used in various kinds of machinery, ships and locomotives.


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