What is the essential difference between us “ViaTECservice” from other companies in the market providing GPS vehicle monitoring services?

Very often organizations, establish a GPS vehicle tracking system is NOT in «ViaTECservice» Companies and other suppliers, ask a question:

  • and what we do “it” bought?
  • where the promised savings?

Or other questions: what do you pay a monthly fee if:

  • Individual completion of the program to your task – for a fee?
  • Use of modern programming optimal logistics – “this is a separate project for an additional charge?”
  • Mobile Applications – “buy more»?
  •  Equipment installation – an extra charge?

As a rule, for all this to you asking for additional money.

And in «ViaTECservice», all this – for free. This – the standard services included in the price of a subscription fee. Because without high quality service system is not viable. That is, it can be bought, but the economy does not. In fact, most companies have chosen «ViaTECservice», because we provide a high level of support, service and development systems.

Often, clients previously using other, similar systems, there is righteous indignation: “… and why I needed that other system, if: the correct calculation of fuel consumption for accounting, it does not give ..”?

It turns out that these consumers to pay for a monitoring system – a “charge air” – payment for the presence of the login and password from the login …

Unscrupulous suppliers in the operation of its system have the right to permanently require additional payments for anything. And it is impossible to suggest: what you will manage operation of the system even in the next month, and even more so in the next year?

Another thing – «ViaTECservice». All of the following facilities and services are provided at no additional charge.

Our competitive advantages are: high speed rapid response personal managers in conjunction with the technical support staff; equipment reliability and speed, simplicity, convenience and pleasure to work with the System.

  • Guarantee;
  • Data storage period for a year;
  • The correct calculation of mileage and fuel consumption for accounting;
  • Individual completion systems for your tasks;
  • Trips to you under warranty;
  • Repair of equipment, even on non-warranty cases;
  • Free training and support;
  • The personal manager;
  • Fast reaction.

«ViaTEC service», – a service “all inclusive”.


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