Transport companies, organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the transportation and delivery of goods to their (hired) transport and etc.
The main specificity of transport the international level is to a significant extent of the route, a sufficiently high level of their complexity and the involvement of companies engaged in the transportation by large vehicles. Control of international transport and logistics transparent (from the beginning of loading to the destination) are in this case essential components.

With the help of the monitoring system are performed:
– control of compliance of actual route and schedule previously approved;
– rapid identification of the location of the vehicle;
– generate reports about traffic, documented;
– monitoring of fuel consumption;
– control conditions of transportation of dangerous and valuable goods.

Control of international freight transport
Geolocation systems GLONASS and GPS are designed to provide continuous monitoring of international transport. Of course, will require additional investment to equip each vehicle to the corresponding expensive equipment. However, the practical effect of the use of such systems pays back many times the financial costs. GLONASS allows to solve such tasks as the planning of future work, real-time monitoring of international transport, control of fuel consumption and volume of work performed, reporting.

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