The Hikvision DVR device that records on a built-in hard disk video and audio signal from one or several cameras. Depending on the number of cameras from which video recorder, or DVR, is receiving a signal, release one-, four-, eight-, sixteen -, and even tridtsatidvuhletny device.

The characteristics of technology Hikvision
Selection of the DVR should be done by the following indicators:
The write speed. The most common is 25 frames per second (like TV). Sometimes it is enough frequency of 6-8 frames/second;
Recording resolution (indicated by the abbreviations CIF, 2CIF, D1, 960H). The higher the better, because it affects the quality of the picture (from 352 to 288 to 960 by 576 points);
The ability to perform networking functions when access to records is provided via the Internet;
The function of motion detection, allowing to define the area in which the device automatically switches to the recording mode. Recording is carried out if necessary, saving the free space in the information storage device.

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